21st Femin'Art

Wednesday 07 March 2018 - Sunday 01 April 2018
Théâtre le Tribunal
5 place Amiral Barnaud
06600 Antibes
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  • Theatre
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+33 (0)4 93 34 11 21/ (0)6 43 44 38 21

A festival of women, by women and for everyone! For the twelfth successive year, the Théâtre de la Marguerite is bringing to light the arts on the feminine side. Graphists, plastic artists, comedians, dancers, singers, humorists or improvisers will all be there in Antibes Juan-les-Pins to share their passion.


 ● Théâtre du Tribunal

From the 7th to the 10th at 8.30pm: “Olé”, from and with Elodie Hatton. A clown is desperately waiting for her train. On a chair, a sports bag. Clown Elodie Hatton ends up opening it, and surprisingly takes out all the accessories of a flamenco dancer. Elodie Hatton is stunning in this pure dance, with the rhythm of the palmas (hand clicking) and taconeo (heel clicking).

The 10th and 11th at 3pm: “Miss Bubulle”, a show for young audiences from and with Melody Choir.

From the 14th to the 17th at 8.30pm: “Enfin vieille!”, from and with Laura Elko. A funny and sweet show about a theme that speaks to us all: the fear of aging and of seeing the opportunities of the youth fade away. Laura brings us into her story filled with self-deprecation, with skits, opera airs, French songs, dancing, an accordion and her ventriloquist puppet.

The 18th at 3pm: “Les sardines grilles”, from Jean-Claude Danaud with Florence Orlandi and Coralie Sucheyr

From the 21st to the 24th at 8.30pm: “Changez pas trop!”, from and with Karen Chataigner. Karen Chataigner tackles sensitive topics with vigor and gentleness… Her sense of orientation, her fears, smelly people, her childhood, her homosexuality, and her craziest fantasies… Hold on to your seats and let yourself be seduced by her sweetness, before her boldness rips you from your seats!

The 24th at 3pm: Conference “Les nons perdus” avec Karen Chataigner (Free entry within limits of available seats)

From the 28th to the 31st at 8.30pm: “Je regarde passer les chauves”, from and with Sandrine Senès. Whether she’s meeting a tough guy reading Babar to his son, a woman that thinks she’s a compartment controller, a handsome old man in shiny costume, a singer who doesn’t know how to sing and lots of bald people that remind her of another bald person, the author and comedian highlights the anonymous persons she comes across in the subway. A funny, tender and bitter portrait gallery.

Médiathèque Albert Camus

The 9th at 6pm: Four voices read “Quand je serais grande, tu seras une femme ma fille” from Catherine Hauseux, with Alexandra Jussiau, Fabienne Candela, Jennifer Chiama and Marlène Noël, comedians. Four generations of women talk about their condition with humor, tenderness and lucidity.

The 10th at 3pm: Show reading of “La constellation du renard”, a non edited text of Lisa Amprino. In a farm, the animals will learn to live together, a nice lesson of acceptance. Registration at the espace jeunesse or at 04 92 19 75 92. Ages 6 and above. At 5pm, panel discussion on the theme of women’s rights, directed by Laurence Dionigi.

To note: on April 1st at 3pm at the Place Nationale Bandstand, “Comme sous la pluie” from and with Fabienne Candela.

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